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Model YBN-R/6SK(WHT) is a Conventional Detector Mounting Base with in-line Schottky Diode, associated with the CDX Range of Detectors and is fully compatible with the majority of existing conventional fire alarm control panels.

It is supplied with square cable clamps for secure and reliable cable termination and the base provides line continuity during detector removal.  Therefore Call Points can be wired in any order on the zone providing a suitable panel and End Of Line (EOL) unit is used.  The integrated third terminal provides remote indicator output.

  • Integral remote indicator output
  • In-line Schottky Diode for Line Continuity
  • Low Profile, only 8 mm
  • Rugged design
  • Quick connections via square cable clamps
  • Accepts 2.5 mm cables
  • Bayonet slot, low insertion force for detectors

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