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Municipal Fire Truck

This type of fire trucks have be design for operation within the cities or countryside to help fire protection authority serve people and properties in best possible way and soonest possible time.

Municipal fire trucks are mainly categorized as light (up to 12T GVW), medium (12 to 18 T GVW) and heavy duty (over 18 T GVW) Firefighting Vehicles.

There are variety of chassis options based on engineering assessment with different cabin to be single or double subject to chassis selection.

Superstructure made by light weight Aluminum extruded profile or standard steel profiles. Heavy duty elastic damper used to mount the superstructure on the chassis.

Bodyworks finished by Aluminium sheet with proper sealing and painting procedure.

Lighting and warning systems considered as standard feature. It also could be changed according to specific requirement of customer.

Water and foam tanks made of corrossion resistant material including Inner baffles, overflow, drian and filling connections  to comply international standard requirements.

Pumps could be single or double stage High pressure rotary with corrossion resistant Body, impeller & Shaft.

To inject foam concentrate pumps have been equipped with around the pump proportioner system or balance proportioning system.

High pressure hose reel with rigid hose available upon request and will be effective with double stage pumps to use high pressure output.

Each municipal fire truck can equipped with numerous of devices as standard; Hoses, Nozzles, SCBA, Fire Extinguishers, Pike pole, Axe, ground ladder & etc and also hydraulic rescue tools, electrical generator, power tools, and many other devices upon request.