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Fire Suppression System

Water Spray System

Water spray systems are made up of a network of pipes in the walls and ceilings that equipped by open end spray heads. Water spray system will be act upon deluge valve received an actuation signal from detection facilities.

Sprinklers are generally used to control fire and avoiding spread of fire then extinguishing the fire by cooling the ignition source. Even automatic spray systems be used for cooling the structure of fuel storage tank as well to avoid deformation and destruction of storage tank and spreading the burning fuel in wide area.

Open end water Spray nozzles are divided to two general classes:
1- Medium velocity spray nozzle: must be installed in rated pendent or upright position only (According to its rating.).

2- High Velocity spray nozzle: can be installed in any direction.

Application of Water Spray system:
- Cooling of fuel storage tanks
- Cooling of Process vessels
- Transformers
- Warehouses
- Transition Conveyors
- Water curtain system in jetties