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Fire Alarm System


True Loop Emulator

The TE-TLE is a 'virtual' loop device.    Once the Fire Alarm Control Panel is connected to the computer via the Interface, a 'virtual' loop can be created within the True Loop Emulator software. 

Devices can be selected and 'placed' on addresses on the loop.  These devices can then be activated with a number of different actions such as 'fire' or 'short-circuit' conditions, to test the panel's reactions and programming.  In this way, a complete fire detection system can be tested and proven before any actual hardwiring commences, saving time and resources.

Each Interface can handle up to four loops of devices and the software can handle one or two Interfaces.  Thus, up to eight loops of devices can be emulated simultaneously.

  • Allows simulation of up to 4 loops of Hochiki analogue devices (127 per loop)
  • System "Cause and Effect" can be verified along with double address and short circuit simulation
  • Saves time and installation costs as whole system can be tested 'virtually'