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Narfoamkar AFFF Foam

Foam AFFF 3% & 6%

Foam AFFF 3% & 6% Manufactured by Narfoamkar

Dafo Fomtec AB has signed an Agreement with NarfoamKar Company, to allow NarfoamKar Company to produce firefighting foams according to the specifications of FOMTEC brand foams. Dafo Fomtec will license its range of AFFF foams. In February 2009 Dafo Fomtec technical managers supervised the production start-up in Tehran. We confirm that the procedures are the satisfactory for the production of AFFF 3% and 6% which meet the European Standard EN 1568. NarfoamKar staffs were trained to manage the production as well as to undertake the quality control procedures in their laboratory. The laboratory equipment and procedures meet the standard required by Dafo Fomtec. Quality control analysis of production batches will also be made by Dafo Fomtec in Sweden to verify the quality.

All Foam Products:
NKF-60 AFFF3% - Class III
NKF-61 AFFF6% - Class III
NKF-65 AFFF3% - Class I
NKF-66 AFFF6% - Class I
NKF-80 AFFF3% - UL grade
NKF-81 AFFF6% - UL grade
NKF-90 AFFF3% - High Expansion
NKF-91 AFFF6% - High Expansion
NKF-100 AFFF3x3 - Alcohol resistance
NKF-101 AFFF3x6 - Alcohol resistance

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