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Access Control System


Biometrics are a computerised method used to identify people based on their physical characteristics as a way of verifying or identifying an individually for access control or time and attendance requirements.

Biometrics are often cited as being more reliable and more secure than cards or PIN numbers which can be  easily broken, stolen, or lost. Biometrics are completely unique and, unlike a card or PIN number, they can never be used by someone else, lost, or even left at home on accident.

Biometrics offer the following advantages over more common reading technologies and credentials;

  • Universal – nearly all individuals have a valid credential (finger, iris, face etc)
  • Unique – each individual has personal identifiable characteristics
  • Reduce Costs – of resupplying lost/stolen credentials
  • Increase Security – limits ability of fraudulent activity
  • Improved Payroll – accurate time and attendance

GuardPoint Pro offers fully integrated biometric solutions for both access control and time and attendance with logical enrolment and template management tools.

The biometric suite allows the user to import cardholder templates from field or designated enrolment readers straight into the cardholder profile without the requirement of using 3rd party applications.

The template can then be sent to the complete network of biometric readers over IP to all sites.

Alternatively for 1:1 verification it is also possible to write the template to a smart card (card with memory) so that no templates are stored on the readers themselves. The verification takes place between the template presented on the card and that shown to the reader.

In all instances the integrity and security of biometric information is upheld with encrypted algorithms that protect against fraudulent users or hackers.

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