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Access Control System

Access Control System

Senor systems provide unlimited scope and technologically advanced access control solutions through its broad and diverse customer demographic. Whether it is for single door standalone or multi-site enterprise applications, the robust and scalable hardware and software options meet the challenge of your personal security requirement.

The GuardPoint Pro software system is a flexible and logical access control application that allows the management of an unlimited number of doors and cardholders. The system supports the management of your business operations by allowing you to define the level of security and passage based on time, date, areas, cardholders and crisis level. Real time events and reports are logged and automated as notifications, making your more alert to the environment around you, reducing operation costs and improving business output. Historical and searchable auditing helps you pin-point accountability and associate activity with employees, contractors and visitors.

By incorporating industry standard technologies, Sensor give you the option of utilising your preferred reading technologies including Proximity, Smart Card, Barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Biometric, Watermark, Contact Chip etc in any combination so that your security policies are reflected at each door.

The flexible parameters of GuardPoint Pro allow you to allocate complex, flexible and unlimited access permissions that suit your enterprise. Higher security features like escorting, two card pass, interlocks, time locks and anti-passback ensure that high security areas benefit from a second layer of security. For times of emergency, GuardPoint Pro can be utilised to send duress signals and activate crises management processes direct from a field based reader without arising suspicion or panic.

The intuitive use of communication options available within GuardPoint Pro means that you can register thousands of users, develop thousands of user groups and assign powerful access rules per user group for effective and flexible tier-based management, enterprise-wide. Redundancy options, through hardware and software, alongside multi-site and multi-server architecture ensures your access control is universal


  • Easy to navigate software that facilitates swift employee enrolment and issue of access privileges
  • Expanded reporting wizard providing full history of all activities across your sites
  • Supports a large range of credential and reading technologies
  • Design, manage and print your workforce ID cards from within the software
  • Visitor Management suite fully integrated
  • Sits neatly within you current IT infrastructure
  • Easily incorporate smart card or biometric technology for added use
  • Unlimited in scale, the system grows painlessly with your requirements
  • Flexible monitoring and system topology options with multiple door controller options


  • Reduces operational costs by automating access control management
  • Increases business productivity by utilising single management platform
  • High return on investment by reducing costs due to loss, theft and damage
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure minimising installation and management costs
  • Improves staff output by monitoring time on site


  • GuardPoint Pro
  • GuardPoint Pro Lite
  • IC500
  • IC1000+
  • IC2000/4000
  • SensorProx