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Access Control System

Parking Control System

Effective Parking Management Principles significantly increase the utilisation of your space effectively making them safer, more accessible and more profitable areas. GuardPoint Pro allows you to optimise your parking facility by harmonising it with your access control system or as an independent management entity.
Managing car parks can be an ongoing battle of lost revenue, compromised security, misuse and a drain on resources. Parking lots on the other hand can be an absolute essential part of a professional, secure and efficient business operation that is capable of enhancing the overall visiting experience and capable of significantly reducing operational costs and in some case generating large amounts of revenue.

GuardPoint pro parking control management enables you to harness the power of access control to automatically assign parking lots and group parking permissions, based on time, day, access privileges and location. The intelligent parking system can automatically accommodate a change in designation in an instance and always ensure that there is priority parking for visitors, VIPS and senior employees. It’s also simple to change the use of your car park to reflect the multiple tenants/customers that are using the facility with dynamic scheduling of parking lots.

Reserving your guests an allocated prime location space is simplified through the use of GuardPoint Pro’s visitor management system. Your guest does not even need to be issued a card as the integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) will recognise their vehicle on arrival and direct them to their parking space. They can then be issues their credential at front desk at which point an SMS or email can be sent to the host to notify them of their arrival.

The intuitive occupancy and counting mechanism with GuardPoint Pro’s parking control management application has the ability to generate instant and scheduled reports that log the total number of hours or visits a vehicle has made making accurate revenue generation simple and profitable and the data can be exported directly into any accounting package to produce monthly bills.


GuardPoint Pro Parking Management Solutions allow you to:

  • Inform the motorist of available parking spaces on arrival
  • Facilitate multiple users – with preset allocations in a multitenant environment
  • Efficiently utilise space so it is frequently occupied maximizing revenue
  • Prioritise space, so VIPs, disability badge holders and visitors are always guaranteed a space and notify you of their arrival
  • Reduce labour associated with manual management
  • Revoke and grant access in an instant throughout all parking areas
    Parking Management Benefits
  • Facility cost savings
  • Improved quality of service
  • Supports mobility management and DDA
  • High return on investment


GuardPoint Pro incorporates a number of technologies that suitably complement your parking management requirements:

  • GPP/PCM – Parking Control Management Module
  • GPP/ACM –Alarm Control Management Module
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Long Range RFID solutions
  • Hands Fee Readers
  • CCTV Integration