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Access Control System

Time & Attendance

Sensor Access’ time and attendance systems are used by companies of all sizes to wishing to accurately record working hours of employees primarily in order to pay their wages. Some companies have a requirement to record the number of hours spent on specific tasks in order to cost jobs accurately and is also invaluable for ensuring compliance with labour regulations regarding proof of attendance.

Companies with large employee numbers can utilise existing access control readers as clocking points in order to speed up the process of getting all employees to clock in or out quickly or to record activity in dispersed locations. Our Time & Attendance System protects a company from payroll fraud and provides both employer and employees with confidence in the accuracy of their wage payments ny automating scheduled data exports to your payroll system.

GuardPoint Pro Time & Attendance uses existing credentials in association with the GuardPoint Pro Access control application to allow employees identify themselves and record their working hours as they enter or leave the work area. Because access control time and attendance, alarm management and ID management are all administered through one interface, it improves automation, reduces labour intensive process and increases payroll efficiency.


  • Utilises existing access control hardware and software applications
  • Handles transaction codes (99) for unique registering of work hours
  • Basic / overtime hours worked
  • Flexi Time Calculations
  • Ability to handle complex shift patterns
  • Advanced absence recording
  • Graphical Holiday / absence planner
  • Payroll Export
  • Automatic E-mailed reports
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Configurable Reporting (all reports can be exported)
  • Basic HR reports
  • Real-Time attendance monitoring
  • Configurable User Profiles
  • Mustering Reports
  • Multi-site/company
  • ID Badge Design and management


  • Reduce payroll errors
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced payroll cost through reduced overtime
  • Increase staff autonomy and motivation
  • Reduced administration
  • Accurate pay and reward methods
  • Better visibility of actual overheads
  • Increased awareness employee task dedication


  • GuardPoint Pro
  • Time & Attendance Plus Module (T+)
  • Bio-Range
  • SensorProx
  • IC1000LCD
  • IC500
  • IC2000