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Access Control System

Alarm Management

An effective alarm management system is critical to minimizing the impact of incidents and maximizing the efficiency of site processes. Equally ineffective alarm management systems can drain resources and actually increase failure and incident rates due to alarm bombardment and the inability to manage them.

Adopting a consistent alarm management philosophy is a key element of abnormal situation management since abnormal situations frequently inundate operators with alarms, thereby complicating their daily duties of operating the plant. Operators must deal daily with a real-time, highly complex, dynamic environment. A good alarm system quickly provides appropriate information to operators helping them identify the cause and restore the plant to normal operations.

Sensor Access’ Alarm management solutions enable security personnel to view, acknowledge and respond to alarms, such as a door being forced open, an alarm sensor being triggered, or a card reader being used at an unauthorized time. All alarms are displayed in a logical graphical user interface. A unique set of instructions can be set up for each alarm that clearly explains the actions administrator should take when an alarm occurs. Comments can also be entered or selected during alarm acknowledgement. These features speed up and simplify the process of acknowledging alarms and enable full recording of important information.


  • Customizable acknowledgement instructions ensure proper response to alarms
  • Alarms notifications can be routed to different personnel, e.g. depending on time of day, and alarm escalation
  • Alarm filters and grouping provide easy segregation of alarm types
  • Execution of crisis levels and manually actions from graphics screen
  • Alarm commands allow control of external hardware
  • Full historical reporting of alarms and actions
  • Action processes directly from field devices like card readers
  • Maps displaying the location, status and grouping of alarms
  • live and historic CCTV replay of alarm incidents  (requires Digital Video Management option)
  • Open Integration APIs allow alarm data to be exchanged with external systems
  • Display stored badge photo of person who caused the alarm


  • Saves time by displaying all alarms in a common user interface
  • Improves site safety by automating processes based on environmental and situational conditions
  • Decrease theft, loss and damage by improved site security and monitoring
  • Optimises business output by monitoring process efficiency
  • Improve reaction time and limit downtime


  • GuardPoint Pro – Alarm Management Module (GPP-ACM)
  • GuardPoint Pro – Graphics Plus Module (GPP-G+)
  • GuardPoint Pro – Guard Tour Module (GPP-GT)
  • IC1604
  • SAT-16
  • RLY-12